NMW in Japan portal website has been launched



Moth’ers in Japan should use the moth record submission system (in Japanese) http://submit.nationalmothweek-jp.net/

Photos can be also shared on the Flickr group at https://www.flickr.com/photos/nationalmothweek-jp/

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Insect News Network – NATIONAL MOTH WEEK: 3-Minute “Insect Essentials”

Click here to listen to: Insect News Network – NATIONAL MOTH WEEK: 3-Minute “Insect Essentials” Interview with David Moskowitz

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Interview with Carl Barrentine about moths and mothing

Click here to watch an Interview with Carl Barrentine, member of National Moth Week Science Advisory Board,  on WDAZ ABC channel 8. 

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An Exaltation of Moths, Much-Maligned Kin of the Butterfly, NY Times

Click here to read a NY Times article about National Moth Week.


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Not All Our Nighttime Visitors Are Moths!

By: Sandra Lanman

Just like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates, when you go mothing, you never know what you’re going to get.

Last Friday, we kicked off National Moth Week in East Brunswick, NJ, (where NMW started) and were greeted with a nice variety of winged friends – including a surprise “winged” guest – a flying squirrel.

As we trekked between our light setups with our flashlights, the squirrel froze on a tree from fear. Clearly, he/she was not accustomed to visitors. But it froze long enough for us to take its picture before scurrying off to the treetops.

Some interesting moth visitors included a rosy maple, which is as sweet looking as its name, geometers, hawk moths, and others.

If you are capturing photos this week and don’t know what you’re seeing, please submit them to one of our partner organizations or check out their galleries and identification pages. They also will identify your finds. It’s easy and free. Please see the list of NMW partners and check out their sites.

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Moth Party in Western Wisconsin

Marcie O’Connor, an avid moth’er and one of National Moth Week’s first supporters invited some friend for a moth party to celebrate Moth Week on her farm in Western Wisconsin. Marcie wrote about it in her blog: A Prairie Haven.

2014 Moth Party – July 19, 2014

by: Marcie O’Connor

We had a great party, with lots of moths, and lots of wonderful friends to share them with.

The party is to celebrate National Moth Week, which started a few years ago to get people to look at and appreciate the beauty of these nighttime creatures.  It’s actually a world-wide event, and people from at least 25 countries are participating this year.

Here are some scenes from our party, followed by pictures of the moths.  We invited people to come early, to take a walk.             Click here to Read more, and see all the moths who came to the party. 

Anne’s moth cake

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Color Moth Pictures for the National Moth Week Website – Kids activity


Kids activity for ages 3-12.


Here’s how:

  • Print and color any moth you like from the book which you can find at this link.
  • Cecropia coloringYou can use a moth guide book (Click here for suggested books) to color the moth whose name is shown or make up your own name with your own colors.
  •  Be sure to write your own name (first name is OK), your age, your town and country.
  • Scan or take a photo of your picture
  • Email your picture to us as an attachment in jpg format at info @ nationalmothweek.org
  • catocalaYou can send up to two colored pictures per child

Look for a special photo gallery featuring children’s colored moth pictures on nationalmothweek.org later this summer.

You can print the instruction here.

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NMW Welcomes Carl Barrentine to Our Science Advisory Board

Carl’s academic training was in biology and he taught biology at CSU, Bakersfield for nearly a decade before being lured to the Midwest to engage in the pedagogical task of integrating the Sciences with the Humanities at the University of North Dakota. There, for over two decades, he taught in the Integrated Studies Program, designing and teaching interdisciplinary courses that encouraged students to critically contemplate the nature of knowledge, truth and reality from the perspectives of science, philosophy and religion. An old man now, but newly retired from his academic responsibilities, Carl rather quickly rekindled his latent childhood enthusiasm for the natural world by naively beginning the task of creating a digital video and photographic archive of local fauna. This would certainly only take a summer or two to do, he thought. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Dumfounded by the astonishing diversity of North Dakota’s and Minnesota’s moths, particularly the confounding plethora of noctuids and tortricids, well, let’s just say that Carl’s once broadly-oriented curiosity quickly metamorphosed into a hopelessly-focus addiction to ‘mothology’. He’s a ‘mothaholic’. “Gadzooks! Another lifetime! I need another lifetime to satiate this curiosity!” Yes, one might say that Carl finally found his ‘intellectual enlightenment’ on the ‘dark side’ of biology. And for the past three years, under the continuing mentorship of two well-trained North Dakota lepidopterists (Jerry Fauske, NDSU, Fargo; and Rebecca Simmons, UND, Grand Forks), Carl continues to dutifully devote the snowless months to the endless task of learning more and more and more about the many, many, many moths of North Dakota and Minnesota.

For Carl’s moth and mothing videos – click here.

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NMW new partner – ZERYNTHIA, Spain’s organization for butterfly conservation

ZERYNTHIAlogo ZERYNTHIA, the only national organization for butterfly conservation in Spain, is a nonprofit association that works in the areas of conservation, reporting and scientific study on Spanish butterflies and moths. It is the Spanish partner of Butterfly Conservation Europe, a federation with the same objectives in a European context. It takes its name from the butterfly Zerynthia rumina, a member of the beautifull Mediterranean papilionid species.

It consists of people concerned with the conservation of butterflies — both nature lovers and specialists at the university level. Their activities range from social awareness and disseminating information on the importance of butterflies, to the conservation of nature with the creation of sanctuaries for certain endangered species of butterflies. It also has the support of volunteers in such projects as butterfly monitoring.

Submit moth photos from Spain to ZETYNTHIA  iNaturalist project - ‘Moth of Spain’.


ZERYNTHIA es la única entidad española de ámbito nacional para la conservación de las mariposas. Se trata de una entidad sin ánimo de lucro que trabaja tanto en el ámbito de la conservación, como en divulgación y en el estudio de las mariposas diurnas y nocturnas. Es el partner español de la federación europea Butterfly Conservation Europe, cuyos objetivos son similares a escala europea. Toma su nombre de la mariposa Zerynthia rumina, un papiliónido endémico de la península ibérica, sur de Francia y Marruecos.

Está formada por personas preocupadas por la conservación de las mariposas, desde amantes de la naturaleza generalistas, hasta especialistas del ámbito universitario. Sus actividades abarcan desde la concienciación social y la divulgación de la importancia de las mariposas, hasta la creación de microrreservas para la protección de determinadas especies de mariposas amenazadas.  También cuenta con el apoyo de voluntarios en iniciativas como los programas de seguimiento de mariposas (BMS schemes).


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Moth at the Meadowlands, New Jersey, USA

Learn all about moths — those amazing cousins of butterflies — at the Meadowlands’ third annual Moth Night at DeKorte Park from 8:30 to 11 p.m. And it’s FREE.

We’ll be hosting the folks from National Moth Week, who’ll present a short talk on moths and why they are so awesome yet misunderstood.

Then we’ll check out the NMW’s industrial-strength mercury vapor lamps and white sheets to identify and admire the various species.

We’ll also try “sugaring” to attract moths as well. The goal of the event – part of National Moth Week — is to raise awareness of these seldom seen insects and to celebrate biodiversity.

This free family-friendly event is sponsored by the N.J. Meadowlands Commission and Bergen County Audubon Society. Check meadowblog.net for last-minute weather updates.

To rsvp, contact Don Torino of the BCAS at greatauk4@aol.com or 201-230-4983. (Rain date: Tuesday, July 22.)

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