Welcome Mohammad Amin Ghaffari, Country Coordinator for Iran

Mohammad Amin Ghaffari, known as “Amin,” has joined National Moth Week as the country coordinator for Iran, also marking the first year his nation is participating in NMW.

Amin, who is 25, writes that he has a strong interest in zoology. Currently, he is studying tourism at the University of Science and Culture (USC) in Tehran, which is regarded as the largest and most prestigious of non-governmental universities in the country.

“My thesis is related to wildlife tourism and I am currently working as a wildlife tour guide and educator based in Tehran,” he writes. “I teach people and create content about sustainable tourism and wildlife conservation at local institutes. I’ve also participated in several conservation field projects. In 2021 I won an Iranian environmental award for my activities.”

Amin also is a member of several birding clubs, a former member of the Iranian Herpetology Institute and is the co-author of “Biodiviersity of Zaribar Wetland.”

“Mothing and butterfly-watching are my favorite hobbies, however I recognize myself as an amateur moth-er. Still, I try my best to introduce this activity to Iranian people because insect-related hobbies and ‘entomotourism’ –  tours to observe  the insect world – are poorly known in Iran. I study the native fauna of my area and help people to ID their observations of Iranian moths and [reptiles and amphibians].”

Amin recently created a Youtube channel that he calls Amin Argues.  The videos will focus on topics in the biological sciences. He also will be starting new research at the National Museum of Natural History of Iran (MMTT), plans to apply for a Ph.D. position in human dimensions of natural resources. 

Amin said he plans to promote National Moth Week in the media as well as on his own social media accounts on platforms popular in Iran. He can be found on iNaturalist and Instagram.

“I’m so glad I can join National Moth Week.”

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