Meet Aundrea Schneider , Country Coordinator for Canada

National Moth Week welcomes Aundrea Schneider of Ontario, Canada, an outdoor educator and wilderness skills instructor, as the country coordinator for Canada. Aundrea, who has been participant in National Moth Week since 2014, tells us about herself:

“Since childhood, I’ve spent so much of my time in the forests and lakes that I’ve met countless creatures and experienced many bites and many stings! Curiosity and a quest for the truth has always driven me, so whenever I encountered a new creature, I would set out to learn about it.

Unable to recall how she first heard of National Moth Week, Aundrea shares her first mothing experience which took place at her home.

“Having that porch light which no one dared approach, gave me an exceptionally good environment for data collection. I was all set, just by going outside after dark and hanging out on the porch. I loved observing the different species of insects and spiders that showed up along with the moths, as well.

Aundrea plans to add National Moth Week into her current programming while collaborating with other Canadians to create moth-related events for the public.

“Bringing science and nature to others is something I value wholeheartedly. Not everyone is receptive to it, but if I can offer someone an entirely new perspective as they venture outdoors, I’m going to do just that. Nocturnal pollination is rarely considered, let alone the many interesting traits and appearances of moths. I’m really looking forward to growing NMW’s presence here, and getting more people excited about lamp-huggers!”

Welcome, Aundrea.  We look forward to your efforts to increase participation in National Moth Week across Canada!

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