Welcome Hernán Figueredo, Country Coordinator for Argentina

National Moth Week is pleased to welcome Hernán Figueredo of Argentina, as our second country coordinator in South America.  A moth enthusiast since childhood, Hernán now collaborates with scientists and experts in entomology in addition to his undergraduate studies.


Hernán tells us about himself:


“I am a student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in genetics at the Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Químicas, y Naturales de la Universidad Nacional de Misiones (UNaM)- Argentina.


“Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the world of science and nature, which led me to pursue my passion for entomology. Alongside my academic studies, I have actively engaged in entomology, particularly in the captivating realm of moths


“I started as an amateur in entomology, captivated by the incredible diversity of shapes and colors exhibited by these nocturnal creatures. Through dedication and perseverance, I have acquired a deep understanding of their life cycles, ecology, and importance in ecosystems.


“My commitment to researching and conserving moths has led me to become part of the

Programa de Investigación Entomología de Misiones (PrEM). This unique opportunity has

allowed me to collaborate with scientists and experts in the field of entomology, participating

in research and contributing to scientific knowledge about insects and their role in the



“Furthermore, as a coordinator of a Lepidoptera Observers’ Club Misiones and San Miguel

(Corrientes), I have had the opportunity to share my passion with fellow nature enthusiasts

and promote a love for science within the community.  We utilize tools like iNaturalist, to document and share our observations of moths and other insects.


“Through citizen science, we have contributed valuable data that helps scientists and

entomologists in their research and in biodiversity conservation efforts.


“This experience in entomology and citizen science has enriched me and strengthened my

commitment to scientific research and nature conservation. I firmly believe in the power of

public participation in knowledge generation, and I strive to promote citizen science and

encourage community involvement in research and biodiversity conservation.”

Welcome, Hernan! We are happy to have you on board our team of country coordinators who are bringing knowledge and appreciation of moths to their fellow citizens.


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