Welcome Panagiotis Dalagiorgos, New Country Coordinator for Greece

National Moth Week is delighted to welcome our new country coordinator for Greece, Panagiotis Dalagiorgos, an award-winning photographer specializing in macro photography of nature’s smallest creatures.

“I have a particular interest in Lepidoptera,” said Panagiotis. “I can identify many moths and butterflies of Europe. I love exploring nature and the amazing small world and try to make the best pictures I can out of it, always prioritizing the well-being of my subjects.

“My goal as a photographer is to make people more aware of the beauty that is all around us but often goes unnoticed, and also learn about the importance of smaller beings and their major role in preserving our ecosystem.”

Panagiotis’ photography has been published in The Guardian, and in several national magazines in Greece.

“As a nature and wildlife photographer, I sometimes encounter scientifically significant species,” he said. “I have provided material for scientific research in the past that has been published in scientific journals.

“Lepidoptera are my favorite insects. I am currently a volunteer for ‘Apollo,’ the butterfly monitoring scheme of the biodiversity lab at the University of Ioannina, and have contributed to National Moth Week for the past two years as an observer. I would like to be more involved as a country coordinator.”

Panagiotis said he believes moths “deserve much more attention than they’re getting.”

“By getting people involved in moth watching, they will get to appreciate their delicate beauty, while at the same time help scientists with their research.”

In addition to welcoming Panagiotis, the National Moth Week team extends a big “thank you” to Chris Taklis, who served as country coordinator for Greece for several years and helped with the design and functionality of our website.


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