The Moth Week Team

National Moth Week is a fully volunteer based project. Meet the wonderful staff who volunteer their time to ensure Moth Week is the best it can be each year. 

Photo Credit Alejo López

David Moskowitz, Ph.D.

David Moskowitz is a co-founder of NMW and Principal with EcolSciences, Inc. Dr. Moskowitz has a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from George Washington University, a Master’s degree in Environmental Policy Studies from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and a PhD in Entomology from Rutgers University. 

Liti Haramaty

Liti Haramaty is a co-founder of the NMW and a resercher at the Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences, Rutgers University. Liti has a Bachelor degree in Ecology from Ben-University, and a Master of Science degree from Bar-Ilan University, both in Israel. Liti is a founding member of the Friends of the East Brunswick Environmental Commission, the non-profit that oversees NMW.


Elena earned her PhD in Ecology from Rutgers University and is currently an assistant professor at Bergen Community. Her research focuses on moths family Sphingidae. 


Sandra holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Douglass College and master’s in Communication and Information Studies from the School of Communication and Information at Rutgers. 


Jacob is a graduate of Cornell University, with a B.S. in Entomology. He is interested in the systematics and evolution of arthropods, and how we can better understand their evolution.


Belen is the founder of a design studio in Ecuador, devoted to branding systems, visual communication, corporate image, and editorial design. 


Carl recently retired from two college teaching careers; one in Biology at California State and the other in Humanities at the University of NC


Roger is Founder of Asian Lepidoptera Conservation Symposium, co-founder, life member & founding chairman of Hong Kong Lepidopterists’ Society.


Vijay is an IT professional by training and nature lover by heart. He is co-founder of DiversityIndia and has been co-ordinating the communities since 2001. 


Shubha is the author of the recently published Field Guide to Indian Moths, she holds a Ph.D. in Zoology, and worked with the Bombay Natural History Society.


Ken has always been fascinated with arthropods and is a veteran bug photographer whose photos have been used in numerous publications worldwide. 


Aundrea is an Outdoor Educator and a multi-certified Wilderness Skills Instructor, who became enthralled with insects and spiders through many years of curiosity and volunteering.


Jamie is currently pursuing a double major in plant biology and ecology, evolution, and natural resources at Rutgers University. Jamie’s passion for entomology is a significant aspect of their life. 


Sarah holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Design, an Art Director professionally, she spends her free time creating nature themed illustrations, insect photography, and website design.

Former Team Members

Sajan KC

Was a Nepal coordinator

Ian Morton

Was our flickr group admin

Julian Ibarra

GIS expert, mapping 2022

Chris Taklis

Was a Greece coordinator

Roy Goff

Was an Africa coordinator

Dr. Utsugi Jinbo

Was a Japan coordinator

Gylma Norman

Was a Costa Rica coordinator 

Max Frederick

Was a communication volunteer

Lani Wyman

National Moth Week Mapping

Nat Birrer

Helped with event mapping

Dr. Shawan Chowdhury

Was a Bangladesh coordinator 
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