National Moth Week Team Meet Tshering Pem – Bhutan Country Coordinator

Meet Tshering Pem – Bhutan Country Coordinator

Tshering Pem joins NMW as the country coordinator for the eastern Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. She tells us about herself:

“As a young and aspiring conservationist who received a bachelor of science degree in forestry in 2021 from the College of Natural Resources in Bhutan, National Moth Week will be my first ever participation in any international events.

“I have always been fascinated by aquatic macroinvertebrates and night-flying moths. Although I was able to fulfill my interest on aquatic macroinvertebrates by focusing my research degree on macroinvertebrate, my fascination with night-flying moths, who are as equally majestic as butterflies, although not much appreciated as the latter, remained unsatisfied.

“In 2022, I joined my country’s conservation agency called National Biodiversity Centre. As a newly recruited Biodiversity Curator, I was sent to one of the exhibitions held in Bhutan where one of the specimens displayed were of moths. During the exhibition, people often mistook moth as butterflies. It hit me that while not many people were aware of the existence of moths, people often mistook moths as butterflies despite moths playing a crucial role in food webs and in pollinating night-opening flowers.

“As a country coordinator for NMW, I aim to educate and raise awareness on the importance and existence of moths. I also hope to instill to my country’s people a sense of appreciation for this nocturnal creature and encourage them to take conservation efforts in their own little ways.”

National Moth Week welcomes Tshering Pem!



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