Mapping and Moths Are a Perfect Combination for Jamie Lubov


Jamie Lubov is a self-described “passionate individual with a deep love for the natural world,” Currently pursuing a double major at Rutgers University in plant biology and ecology and natural resources, Jamie also is studying GIS mapping, with an eye on earning a certificate in it.


As someone who’s also raised caterpillars to butterflies since childhood, Jamie was easily the ideal candidate to become National Moth Week’s new mapping specialist.


“I’ve been dedicated to understanding and protecting the intricate ecosystems that surround us, and most recently raised and bred giant silk moths native to New Jersey. Jaimie said. “Although my primary career goal revolves around the study of plants, my unwavering passion for entomology remains a significant aspect of my life.


“Recognizing the importance of this field, I’m also an active member of the Rutgers Entomology club, serving as the vice president.”


Through their involvement, Jamie says they seek to foster a community of like-minded individuals who share their enthusiasm for insects and their essential role in our ecosystems, using their live insect pets to educate people about these fascinating animals and help kids and adults get over their fears.


“Everyone in the GIS program knows about my enthusiasm for insects, so I heard about the opportunity with NMW through the director of the honors program I am in at Rutgers.”


Jamie has begun creating the interactive maps for Moth Week 2023, and continues to use online platforms to bring awareness to moths and their diversity.


“I can turn the responses to the registration forms into attribute data, which usually involves converting address locations into latitude and longitude to stand as coordinates.


“Once I have this data, I export it into ArcGIS, which allows me to turn the attribute data into features (points). The latitude and longitude are converted into XY points that get plotted onto a world map, which I then export into an online version that can be embedded into the NMW website and viewed as an interactive map. The data from the registration forms is then able to be viewed as a popup on each point.”


Jamie’s task is dependent on NMW participants filling in the registration questionnaires with accurate location information, including coordinates when possible.


“When I looked into NMW, I was so excited to hear about this community of moth lovers around the globe,” Jamie said. “Meeting with [NMW Team member Liti Haramaty] and seeing her passion for the project, I knew I wanted to be a part of it!


“I am definitely hoping to influence more people to take part in this event. I would love to spread the word as much as possible.” 


Welcome to the NMW Team, Jamie!



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