National Moth Week Welcomes Balázs Károlyi As Hungary Country Coordinator

National Moth week is delighted to welcome Balázs Károlyi as our country coordinator for Hungary.

Balázs tells us about himself:

 “I am a software engineer from Hungary with a strong interest in biodiversity, citizen science and nature conservation.

I am a founder of a nonprofit organization called “Közösen a Természetért Alapítvány” (Together for Nature Foundation). The goal of this organization is to provide reliable information about the Hungarian fauna, collect and share observations about it. It gathers people with the same goals to a community where we can share knowledge and make it available to everyone. This community includes scientists, amateur naturalists and nature photographers. We want to reduce the gaps between these groups. Together we are more effective in spreading the importance of biodiversity and can make people closer to nature.

I am the owner and developer of a citizen science webpage called (izeltlabuak means arthropods) since 2016. On this website users can upload their observations about all kinds of arthropods, including moths. Experts make identifications and validations for the records. I help in the identifications there and in Facebook groups, especially for true bugs and beetles. I am interested in and amused by all other insects and spiders as well.

I am committed to open access and Creative Commons licenses. I think that open science has huge benefits. All data that are provided by participants in every citizen science project should be easily accessible and reusable by everyone. With this mindset in place, I made both the access and license to open for all observations on that webpage.

I am glad to be able to work together with National Moth Week. Although the Hungarian moths are well studied, there are still parts where our knowledge is not complete. Climate change and other factors are having significant impacts on the distribution of Hungarian moths. We know only a little about how these changes affect them. Participating in Moth Week is a huge opportunity to increase our knowledge on moths and share their diversity and importance to a greater audience.”

 Welcome Balázs! We’re happy that you’ll be helping to encourage interest in moths and participation in National Moth Week in Hungary!Balázs

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