National Moth Week Welcomes 10 New Country Coordinators

From Bangladesh to Zimbabwe, ten scientists and educators in a variety of fields including ecology, entomology and conservation, have joined National Moth Week in 2022 as country coordinators, bringing the total to 34, including our first USA student coordinator.

Country coordinators help to raise awareness about moths and increase participation in NMW.  Thanks to the efforts of NMW team member Dr. Vijay Barve and Benin’s country coordinator Sunday Berlioz Kakpo, NMW now is well represented in West Africa, as well as southern Africa and Asia.

Shawan Chowdhury – Bangladesh

Shawan Chowdhury recently completed his Ph.D. from the School of Biological Sciences, University of Queensland (UQ), Australia,  and now working there as a Research Assistant..   Read more

Tshering Pem – Bhutan

“As a young and aspiring conservationist who received a bachelor of science degree in forestry in 2021 from the College of Natural Resources in Bhutan, National Moth Week will be my first ever participation in any international events”   Read more

Tony Benn – Botswana

“I love observing and taking pics of the moths that come to lights around my house in central Botswana.”  Read more

Samson Kouadio Koffi Ivory Coast

“My awareness of the alarming disappearance of Biodiversity in my country Côte
d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) and my deep love for nature and the biological diversity
it abounds, has pushed me to embrace an ambitious career in ecology.”
   Read more

Keomany Leuangthi – Laos

Keomany Leuangthi works with Asian Arks, a nonprofit in Asia dedicated to conservation, doing species identification and
as a field technician.
 Read more

Salif KoneMali

Salif Kone founded the Action Research Group for Sustainable Development in Mali and has worked on climate change and sustainable agriculture. Read more

Min Khant Naing – Myanmar

“I studied mostly butterflies and moths for three years and have created a group about Lepidoptera.”  Read more

Abdou Zakou – Niger

Abdou Zakou holds a degree in forestry techniques from the Faculty of
Agronomy of Abdou Moumouni University in Niger. 
 Read more

Dr. Komlan Edjèdu Sodjinou – Togo

Dr. Komlan Edjèdu Sodjinou is an enthusiastic and versatile scientist with a strong interest in biodiversity, forestry, horticulture & urban ecology and plant biotechnology. Read more

Moira FitzPatrick – Zimbabwe

Dr. Moira FitzPatrick is an arachnologist and director at Natural History Museum, Zimbabwe, where she has been collecting and researching spiders for many years. Read more

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