Meet Tony Benn, Country Coordinator for Botswana

Tony Benn, new country coordinator for Botswana, a landlocked country in Soutern Africa, tells us about himself:

“I love observing and taking pics of the moths that come to lights around my house in central Botswana.

“I’m now a retiree, but have worked as a school chemistry teacher in Botswana for 36 years and still have an interest in finding ways of introducing citizen science and (NMW partner organization) iNaturalist to school children in Botswana.

“My greatest wish is that my two grandgirls, Sky and Luna, shall grow up to enjoy a lifetime of exploring the moths, insects and plants around them and become avid iNaturalists.

“I’m not a biologist, but have become totally fascinated by the enormous variety of moths and caterpillars living in Botswana. Though the National Moth Week is happening bang in the middle of winter here in ‘Bots,’ where temperature in my village can go down to -2 oC and it gets quite windy, I’m excited because a few species of moths become active at night which are never seen during the warmer times of the year. I’m only expecting to see about 20 moths during the National Moth Week, but those that fly in the freezing cold are going to be some interesting finds.

“I appeal to moth experts around the globe, to please help us identify Botswana’s moths, especially the smaller ones, at least to family level. We don’t have a moth expert here in Botswana so any IDs are highly appreciated. Take a look at some of the amazing moths found here in very hot and sometimes cold Botswana.

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