Meet Dr. Komlan Edjèdu Sodjinou, Country Coordinator for Togo

Dr. Komlan Edjèdu Sodjinou of the West Africa nation of Togo is an enthusiastic and versatile scientist with a strong interest in biodiversity, forestry, horticulture and urban ecology and plant biotechnology.

He is a member of the PHOBIOT (Physiology Horticulture and Biotechnology Team) research team of Laboratory of Forestry Research (LRF) of the University of Lomé. Since 2010, he has been an assistant to the scientific curator at the National Herbarium of Togo. Komlan is involved in the monitoring and evaluation of information and training projects in computer biodiversity and the facilitation of training for environmental protection and sustainable management of natural resources.

In 2021, he participated in the second national forest inventory (IFN2) of Togo. He is the head of environment at the ONG ASMERADE and a member of GR2D (Research Group for Sustainable Development) a multi-faceted development research team.

Since 2012, he has been a member of many international scientific organizations including the Network of African Leaders for Biodiversity Conservation and Environment (NALBCE), GBIF-Togo, and a reviewer in many journals. He has also published scientific articles on the flora of Togo and particularly on orchid diversity in Togo and West Africa.

Komlan says he first heard about National Moth Week from Sunday Berlioz Kakpo, whom he knew from NALBCE. Sunday is NMW’s country coordinator for Togo’s neighboring country of Benin. As NALBCE’s principal treasurer and node manager of NALBCE-Togo, Komlan is currently involved in several activities of biodiversity data collection and sustainable management of natural resources.

He says, “It is a pleasure” for him to join the National Moth Week as the national coordinator for Togo and to introduce moth watching in his country.

“Finally, participating in “NMW” will be extremely useful for every citizen, as it will improve the knowledge of moth diversity on the one hand and the strengthening of our knowledge about moths and their role in the ecosystem, especially in Togo.”

Welcome, Komlan Edjèdu Sodjinou! We look forward to learning more about your research on moths.

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