Meet Shawan Chowdhury, Bangladesh Country Coordinator for National Moth Week

Shawan Chowdhury recently completed his PhD from the School of Biological Sciences, University of Queensland (UQ), Australia, and is now working there as a research assistant.

As a part of his doctoral research, Shawan worked on “insect migration and conservation” with Professors Richard Fuller and Myron Zalucki. Before arriving in Australia, Shawan completed his bachelor’s and master’s from the Department of Zoology, University of Dhaka.
Although Shawan has been enthusiastic about nature since childhood, his interest in studying insect conservation began during his university days.

“During the field surveys, I noticed that some butterfly species (e.g., Vanessa cardui) were discretely recorded in different parts of Bangladesh,” he said. “While going through published studies, I learned about their fascinating migratory movement, which inspired my work on the ecology and conservation of migratory butterflies as a Ph.D. project.”

National Moth Week welcomes Shawan!

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