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Nebraska Moth Night

“If there’s one thing moths like, it’s a cheap beer. “The sweeter and stinkier the better,” said Andy Matz, a senior insect science student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. A belt of Pabst Blue Ribbon or Colt 45 mixed into … Continue reading

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NMW Event – Jim Sogaard in Minnesota

In addition to donating a book, Jim has graciously supplied us with a blog post: “I am a life-long Minnesotan with a M. S. in Zoology from the University of Minnesota. I’ve been studying moths since 1989 (but also as a … Continue reading

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NMW event – Cristóbal Ríos-Málaver at Altos de Pipe, Venezuela

Cristóbal Ríos-Málaver is a Colombian biologist and entomologist studying butterflies and beetles of the family Lucanidae in the neotropical highlands of Venezuela. Cristo has also conducted several studies on biodiversity of butterflies in the Central Cordillera of Colombia, examining the patterns of … Continue reading

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Marcie O’Connor’s set-up and more

Marcie O’Connor is a moth’er in western Wisconsin.  Marcie lives on an old farm that she and her husband are trying to “unfarm” and bring back the prairies and savannas that were here before it was farmed.  On her website/blog … Continue reading

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Sugar Baits for Moths: Winter Fun

With winter upon most of the country, it doesn’t mean the end of moth season, it just means we need to think a little bit differently about how to find them. An age-old technique called “sugaring” or “baiting” is often … Continue reading

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Fruit Bait

I think this particular mix is banana, watermelon, orange, maybe grapes and/or apple. After awhile I dump it out and start over. If it’s too dry, it just gets hard. Too wet and it just gets mushy & moldy. (Fran … Continue reading

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Looking for moths is very easy

Looking for moths is very easy. Many people just leave a porch light on and check what is attracted to the light. Others use blacklights and Mercury Vapor Lights that put out light in color spectrums that can be irristable to moths. Special … Continue reading

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