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Backyard mothing with Carl Barrentine in Spokane, Washington, USA

Carl Barrentine, participants since 2013 and National Moth Week team member, is documenting moth species flying in his backyard. Carl will share his methods and findings in a series of daily videos during National Moth Week 2020.

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NMW in New Hampshire – Guest Post by Deb Lievens

This year during NMW, I gave a talk on moths, in general and as pollinators, as part of New Hampshire Audubon’s Pollinator series. It seems to be hard in NH to get random folks to stay up late enough so … Continue reading

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Moth Research—A Guest Post by Logan Crees

Logan Crees is an sophomore studying environmental science at Iowa State University. He also serves as Outreach Coordinator for the Iowa State Environmental Science Club. Currently, he researching moth species in the Grand River Grasslands in Ringgold County, Iowa. You can follow his … Continue reading

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National Moth Week Guest Post: Katie Bardsley and Anjali Nambrath

Katherine Bardsley and Anjali Nambrath are two insightful high schoolers from a science-focused high school in New Jersey. You can track the findings of their experiment—The Effect of Lamp Type on Moth Attraction—in their blog, Of Moths and Mercury.   From birdwatchers … Continue reading

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Guest Post from Ken Childs

Today we’ve got a guest post from Ken Childs: Once a year I like to try to photograph one of every moth species seen during one night of intensive mothing. Since it was National Moth Week and conditions were warm and … Continue reading

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Nolie Schneider’s Light Set Up

  I have a 5′ x 6′ canvas sheet mounted on a PVC frame attached to the back wall of my house, under a 4-ft overhang. It’s a painter’s dropcloth, so it’s quite thick and sturdy to avoid wind vibration. … Continue reading

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Carl Barrentine’s Light Set-up, North Dakota

Like last year, we’ll be profiling some NMW events and light set-ups here on the blog. It’s interesting to get a look at some other mothing set-ups to see what others are doing to attract moths. First up, we’ll take … Continue reading

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NMW event – Marcie O’connor, Buffalo County, Wisconsin

Marcie O’Connor often writes about moths on her blog – A Prairie Haven.  Marcie was one of the very first participants to register a NMW event. In a recent blog post she said:”I normally put up my lights to attract … Continue reading

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Brandon Ballengée’s Love Motel for Insects

Art meets nature and moths at the “Love Motel for Insects”, Brandon Ballengée series of installations. Celebrate National Moth Week by visiting two of them: one in Washington DC and the other in NYC (see below). Urban Art Projects (UAP) is … Continue reading

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NMW Event – Doug Allen in Spartanburg County, South Carolina

Doug is a long time birder (40+ years) who retired to upstate SC and discovered butterflies 4 years ago.  He recently bought the new Petersen Field Guide to Moths  plus a black light and has been completely amazed at the … Continue reading

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