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Year of the Sphingidae – Co-Evolution

Co-evolution is a term to describe what happens when two (or more) species influence one another’s evolutionary pathways. Plants and pollinators represent a classic case of co-evolution. One of the most famous examples of co-evolution of all time involves an orchid, a hawkmoth and none other than Charles Darwin. First, the orchid:  Angraecum sesquipedale, the Madagascan star orchid, is a …

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Year of the Sphingidae – Model Organisms

We’ve discussed the role of Sphingidae as pollinators and their importance to science as model for MAVs. Today we’ll learn about a specific hawkmoth called Manduca sexta. Manduca sexta, the tobacco hornworm is one of the most recognizable hawkmoths around. The adults are large and have colorfully striped bodies. The caterpillars feed on solanaceous plants …

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New moth record in Salzburg

Michael Kurz of NMW partner NKIS had a new moth record for the Federal Territory of Salzburg during this year’s NMW. The moth, Noctua interjecta caliginosa, was also only the third record for Austria.  Kurz was not planning on doing any mothing that evening, but decided to do so at the urging of his 12-year-old granddaughter, Viktoria …

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