National Moth Week Bait,Data Collection,Events,Mothing NMW Event – Jim Sogaard in Minnesota

NMW Event – Jim Sogaard in Minnesota

In addition to donating a book, Jim has graciously supplied us with a blog post:

“I am a life-long Minnesotan with a M. S. in Zoology from the University of Minnesota. I’ve been studying moths since 1989 (but also as a boy, and again as a teen), mostly in Minnesota and Costa Rica. I do a lot of rearing and photography.

Now, if someone could just solve the recent problem I’ve been having with flying squirrels looting my bait trap! It’s a somewhat delicate situation considering they are known carriers of typhus and able to spread it to humans (though the exact mode of transmission apparently remains unknown).

Yes, mothing is interesting in many ways!”

Mothing is definitely never boring! Anyone have flying squirrel advice?

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