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Project Noah Fun Fact: Owlet moth

For every day of National Moth Week, our partner, citizen science website Project Noah will be featuring a fun fact about the underwing moths, Catocala, and their look-alikes. From Project Noah: Fun Fact! The underwings are moths in the genus

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(Inter-)National Moth Week, Guest post by Gil Wizen

Gil Wizen is an entomologist, wildlife photographer and blogger based in Canada, focusing on natural history, taxonomy, and behavior of several arthropod groups.  When all that people talk about right now is going outdoors with their smartphones and tablets to

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Japanese Underwings

This year’s National Moth Week’s spotlighted moths are the Underwings.  Dr. Utsugi Jinbo, NMW Japan coordinator and Science Advisory Board member, shared a webpage of Catocalas found in Japan. Click here to see more. More Catocala posted by Japanese moth’ers here and

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Moth inspired art in Japan

Many people in Japan enjoy creating art and craft works that have motifs of living beings. This page links to artists’ work inspired by moths.\ Here are some examples:         National Moth Week in Japan –

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Project Noah National Moth Week 2015 Recap

  Project Noah celebrated National Moth Week in 2015 by promoting users to contribute to the official National Moth Week mission, Moths of the World. Users contributed spottings from all six continents Lepidoptera are found on. Project Noah users who

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Alison Ainsworth’s Moth Coloring Book

Coloring activity for ages 3-99.  EVERYONE CAN COLOR A MOTH! Alison is a moth’er and a mother in Ontario, Canada. She created this coloring book for her daughter who was too young to stay awake for the entire event. Click here for the

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Carl D. Barrentine Joins NMW Team

The National Moth Week team is delighted to welcome its newest member, Carl D. Barrentine from Grand Forks, North Dakota (USA). Carl first participated in National Moth Week in 2013 and for the last two years was a member of the

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Submit moth observations to NKIS – Guest post by Michael Kurz

Our non-profit organization aims in the documentation of organisms (Taxonomy, Ecology, Biogeography) on a global scale, as well as in the interactions between organisms (see also provides functionality for the documentation of biotopes, fossils, minerals and rocks and

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Moths go Crazy on Flickr

National Moth Week Flickr group “one of the fastest growing groups on Flickr”.  Since the group opened its doors earlier this year to images taken at any time of year, the numbers of members has seen a startling increase to

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How can you help National Moth Week?

National Moth Week is now one of the most widespread citizen science projects in the world. It is coordinated by an all-volunteer team in the USA (New Jersey, New York, North Dakota),  Ecuador and Belize. For the past four years, public

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