Project Noah Fun Fact: Darling Underwing

For every day of National Moth Week, our partner, citizen science website Project Noah will be featuring a fun fact about the underwing moths, Catocala, and their look-alikes.

From Project Noah:

Darling Underwing (Catocala cara) spotted by Project Noah user Tom15.
Darling Underwing (Catocala cara) spotted by Project Noah user Tom15.

Fun Fact! Moths in the Catocala genus are unique for their themed names. Carolus Linnaeus, the Swedish scientist credited with being the “father of modern taxonomy”, named four species in this genus and gave many names related to marriage and love, such as Catocala sponsa, with “sponsa” meaning wife. Future taxonomists would add to this theme, adding moths such as Catocala amatrix, the Sweetheart, and the moth featured in this fun fact, the Darling Underwing, Catocala cara. While not all moths in the Catocala genus have a name related to love, women, or marriage, the trend is interesting for such a unique group of moths.

You can participate in the global citizen science project National Moth Week! National Moth Week 2016 is July 23-31. Visit the website for more information and be sure to register a public or private event! An event can be as simple as observing the moths that come to a porch. During NMW, be sure to submit your photos to one of our many partners! If you submit them to Project Noah, be sure to add them to the National Moth Week mission, Moths of the World!

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