Moth Party at Art + Science In the Field: AS IF – Guest post by Nancy Lowe

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NancyLoweAS IF Center is hosting a Moth Party on July 9, 2016. The event is part of a six-year-long study on how climate change, land use, pollution, and other large-scale factors affect moth populations. For more information see the AS IF Center events page.

Art + Science In the Field: AS IF is a new center to promote collaboration between artists and scientists, and to promote work by people who work in both disciplines. It’s located in the biologically rich, geologically unique area near the Black Mountains of North Carolina, the highest peaks in the east.

Art and science have a lot in common. Artists and scientists both seek truths in the world, keenly observe with the senses, explore new territory, generate new tools and techniques, build on past work, and above all, make use of creativity.  With every day, more and more new partnerships are growing to heal the artificial art-science divide. AS IF Center is working to rebuild these cross-disciplinary connections while keeping a balance between the two cultures.

AS IF is envisioned to be a hybrid between a biological field station and an artists community. The Center’s vision is that when artists and scientists can work in the same community for a short, focused period of time, we will inspire each other and find new areas of common ground.  AS IF also hopes to catalyze projects in which artists and scientists collaborate. And of course, there is a growing population of hybrid artists-scientists who work across boundaries. If any of that describes you, or even intrigues you, you may be interested in checking out AS IF Center – leading a workshop or joining one, enjoying an event, doing a residency, setting up a field study, or just visiting.

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