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Moth Breakfast – Guest post by Marnie Crowell

We are looking forward to our annual Moth Breakfast. We hang our moth sheet and UV lights and the moths come. Then comes dawn and enough moths stay to delight the humans who arrive to be amazed at the moths. … Continue reading

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NMW Celebration at the “Heartland of India” – Guest post by Saurabh Singh

Jashpur Wildlife Welfare Foundation (NGO) is a nonprofit organization based in Jashpur, Chhattisgarh (India) working rigorously on conservation of wildlife since last 2 years and they are celebrating “National Moth Week” at the heartland of India i.e. Jashpur, Chhattisgarh. Chhattisgarh … Continue reading

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National Moth Week Welcomes Gylma Norman, Costa Rica Coordinator

When Gylma Norman returned to her native Costa Rica after living in California for many years, she took up a new hobby – mothing. It wasn’t long before she was contributing her moth photos to Project Noah, one of National Moth Week’s partner … Continue reading

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National Moth Week Team Welcomes Ken Childs

Once Ken Childs learned how easy it was to observe and photograph moths on his Tennessee farm, he turned his attention from daytime butterflies to his abundant nighttime visitors, soon becoming one of their most prolific photographers. Moving from Southern … Continue reading

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Welcome Chris Taklis – NMW Greece coordinator

Chris Taklis participated in the past in NMW and have been promoting the project on Greek social media pages. This is what Chris sent us for his bio: I am a Marine and Conservation Biologist. I love sharks mostly of … Continue reading

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 Why I Like Moths, by Carl Barrentine

                  There are big moths and small moths,                 Even green moths occur, And moths that like sunshine— Strange what some moths prefer!   There are … Continue reading

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Moth night in High Park (Toronto, Canada) – by Karen Yukich

Our annual public moth night in High Park (Toronto, Canada) was once again affected by weather. Rather than risk another rainy evening like last year, we rescheduled to July 26 and joined High Park’s regular weekly moth study group. The … Continue reading

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Moth Paintings – Guest post by Deborah Davis

Moths are nocturnal creatures and so are inherently mysterious. Since their intricate patterns and colors are rarely observed in casual encounters at the porch light, I paint them large. It is intimate. I have encountered each of these moths at … Continue reading

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Moth night 11 July 2018 Cairns, Australia – Guest Post by Dave Rentz

  The annual moth night was held at the Cairns Botanic Gardens on 11 July 2018 to coincide with the monthly meeting of the Friends of the Botanic Gardens, Cairns. Sixty-two people attended, including several children. Moth Night was started … Continue reading

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The Moths of India Website and Mothing Event – Guest post by Sanjay Sondhi

The Moths of India website ( is a citizen science, internet-based and peer-reviewed resource devoted to Indian moths. It is a sister website of the Butterflies of India, Cicadas of India, Odonata of India, Reptiles of India, Amphibians of India and Birds of India websites, which collectively form … Continue reading

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