National Moth Week event,Light Set-Up,Moth Identification NMW in New Hampshire – Guest Post by Deb Lievens

NMW in New Hampshire – Guest Post by Deb Lievens

This year during NMW, I gave a talk on moths, in general and as pollinators, as part of New Hampshire Audubon’s Pollinator series. It seems to be hard in NH to get random folks to stay up late enough so get the best moths. But we had fun.  It’s always great to introduce people to these “jewels of the night”.  As usual, I set up lights throughout the week alternately at two locations: southern NH and central, but in the White Mountains. My species numbers were lower this year. But the whole season here was the same. I had the now-expected weather vagaries. One day was 97 degrees. One day we had 1.5″ inches of rain at my house. My commonest visitor was 8203 – Halysidota tessellaris – Banded Tussock Moth. Not a surprise, but what was was the super-abundance of the caterpillar later in the season. The stars must have been aligned for the species this year!

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