NMW Event – Doug Allen in Spartanburg County, South Carolina

Doug is a long time birder (40+ years) who retired to upstate SC and discovered butterflies 4 years ago.  He recently bought the new Petersen Field Guide to Moths  plus a black light and has been completely amazed at the variety and coloration of moths which he had thought of as non-descript brown or grey jobbies.  By late May, Doug had discovered the Moth Photographers Group and Professor John Snyder’s (of nearby Furman University) excellent moth web sites with searchable spread sheets of South Carolina moth species.  Surprisingly, there were only a couple dozen moth species recorded for Spartanburg County, so that has given him a little extra motivation.
Doug has been photographing moths for an hour or so most nights. Dough thinks he’s ID’d about 50 of the 150+ species he has photographed.
For National Moth Week, Doug plans to continue to do what he has been doing- setting up two black lights and a white cotton sheet on his deck which is close to woods and fields.  Doug is happy to have anyone who is interested join in.

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