Tonight’s NMW Events in the USA

Pinelands Preservation Alliance, Southampton, NJ – Join us at the Bishop Farmstead for a slide show presentation about the important role of moths in the ecosystem followed by up-close observation of the fascinating insects attracted to a black light in our field and gardens. Speakers are NMW team member Elena Tartaglia, and Matt Sichel of Stockton College. FREE!

Eric Reuter, Hancock NY – I am inviting all moth-ers in the area to come to this incredible location at Somerset Lake, Hancock, NY to see how many species we can find. I got 837 Species last summer with minimal setups. This year, I am going all out. I would love for others to join us there to help find as many species as possible and get a count of the moths in this area. It is largely unexplored, but has an amazing variety. We have ponds, marsh, swamp, lakes and dense Hemlock woods. The possibilities are endless. The more people we get, the more we can find, and the more we can learn. So join me there. I have a small cabin that can be used for us to rest and use the internet. Yes it has DSL, and a connection to the rest of the world. It sits in the middle of nowhere, and there are so many moths there it is beyond description. Every habitat is nearby, so expect an amazing amount of species to be seen.

Tobey O’Connor, Sullivan, ME – We will be observing and photographing every night! We invite others to join.

Andree Sanborn, Barton, VT – I will be photographing and identifying moths day and night on our property. We may be starting a group for Moth Night, also, if anybody is interested.

Pembroke Library, Pembroke ME.

Rey Center, Waterville Valley, NH – In celebration of Moth Week, the Margret and H.A. Rey Center is hosting Moth Mania as part of our Explore the Night program. Join the Rey Center to explore the sights, sounds and creatures of the night. As we look, listen and feel our way along the trail, you will discover the beauty that lurks in the darkness. It will be surprisingly interesting rather than scary! The second of the series is all about Moths led by moth expert Deb Lievens. We will catch moths and get to seem them up close. Adults and families with children ages 8+.

Big Bend Nature, Marathon, TX – Marathon is a small town; there are several spots that we may try during the span of the week! Additionally, there may be other options in the region – we’ll know more in the coming weeks.
Round 1 of 2013 NMW posts:

Clinton Community Nature Center, Clinton Mississippi

Umstead State Park, Raleigh, NC – Meet at visitor center at 8:45 p.m. to observe moths with park staff and moth experts on July 23 and 24. July 25 at 9am will be a sweep netting safari with park staff and moth experts to capture, identify and release moths and other insects.

Invertebrate Studies Institute, Athens, GA – The Invertebrate Studies Institute will have an educational booth and display set up from 4pm – 7pm at the Athens Farmer’s Market in front of City Hall, Wednesday, July 24 from 4pm to 7pm. We will be featuring live and preserved moth specimens from Georgia and North America.

Dunbar Cave State Natural Area, TN – Dunbar Cave State Natural Area is a day use park but will stay open late for this program. People wanting to attend the event should meet at the visitor’s center between 8:00 and 8:15.Tthe light trap will be set up at the cave entrance. Please bring cameras and moth field guides if you have them.

Smith River Sports Complex, Axton, VA – The Smith River Sports Complex is in southern Virginia, around ten miles from North Carolina. Bright lights, acres of open fields, and clean air-conditioned bathrooms make this a great spot for moth hunting!

At 8 pm, public outdoor activities begin!

*Display cases and live-bred caterpillars and moths may be viewed or purchased between 8 and 10 pm.

*Moth enthusiasts are invited to set up chairs to view live moths from 9 pm to 11 pm. Moths will be attracted to the high-intensity field lights inside the sports complex, and Dr. Joe Keiper will greet visitors down near the canoe launch, where he will have his black light/sheet setup.

*All moth enthusiasts are encouraged to attract moths by setting up their own site out in the nearby fields by lighting up white sheets with battery-powered lights or lanterns.

*We suggest you bring bottled water, fresh batteries, your camera, light sources, white sheets, a light jacket, and use insect repellent against ticks, chiggers and mosquitoes. The moths will not harm you! 🙂

Pipestem State Park, WV – Activities will include night time moth hunt, moth related crafts and a gypsy moth display by WV Dept. of Agriculture373142

Urban Ecology Center, Milwaukee, WI – Open to all! A short presentation, games, and snacks will be held from 6:45-8pm and the moth survey will begin at 8pm.

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