Pacific Northwest Moth – new checklist generator

We’ve just added a super helpful new feature to the pnwmoths site – a checklist generator! What’s a checklist generator, you say? You pick any combination of states/provinces and/or counties/regional districts and the website instantly generates a list of all the moths from our database in that region!

Should be great for using during National Moths Week!

Come try out the checklist generator here:

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3 thoughts on “Pacific Northwest Moth – new checklist generator”

  1. Robert Grossmann says:

    I have tried to access the website in my Safari browser on my iMac OX 10 “Panther” and Safari tells me I cannot download the site. Is there a problem with the site or has it been removed? I had bookmarked it and was able to access it until a short time ago. Any suggestions??? Thanks! Bob Grossmann

    1. Liti says:

      The site was down for a few days… it is fixed and you should be able to access it.

      1. Robert Grossmann says:

        Thanks, it worked! I was worried that the site had been deleted!

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