HEXAPODA is a brand new collection of nature-related artwork from multi-medium artist Mielle Harvey. Launched in 2012, the collection extends Harvey’s lifelong fascination with nature and insects.

Sphinx Moth
Brooch or Pendant


As a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, Harvey unsurprisingly approaches her work from a fine art perspective. This led to development of her signature ‘wearable sculpture’ aesthetic which features throughout the HEXAPODA jewelry line.


Tiger Moth cuff links

Although HEXAPODA provides a means to bring her work to a wider audience, Harvey also wants to use the communicative power of jewelry to raise awareness about the importance of insects in our everyday lives.


Sphinx Pupa earrings
Sphinx Pupa earrings


HEXAPODA purposely transforms the traditional idea of creating jewelry from valuable materials into creating valuable insects as jewelry. The message and intent behind this philosophy is clear; the more we value something, the greater the likelihood we’ll take care of it.


This simple idea packs a powerful message with the HEXAPODA items providing a great way to share it with others.


Underwing brooch or pendant
Underwing brooch or pendant


In addition to simply creating a message, Harvey also plans to partner with individuals, groups and organizations involved in insect awareness and donate a proportion of HEXAPODA proceeds toward financing these initiatives.

All items in the HEXAPODA collection are individually handmade in Harvey’s studio in Providence, Rhode Island.

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