Meet Encyclopedia of Life, NMW’s Newest Partner

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Deilephila porcellus
Image Credit:Stanislav Krejčík, BioLib.CZ. CC BY


Bena bicolorana
Image Credit:Stanislav Krejčík, BioLib.CZ. CC BY

NMW’s newest partner is the Encyclopedia of Life, a website dedicated to providing global access to knowledge about life on earth. EOL is a collaborative effort among scientists, citizen scientists and the general public to share millions of pages of information  and multimedia about species, including moths! NMW participants can share photos of moths from their events with EOL’s Flickr Group or through one of the NMW partners that are already contributors to EOL (iNaturalist and the Moth  Photographers Group).

EOL has also created a fun Moth Memory Game. Check it out!

We’re excited to have EOL on board with NMW 2013!






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