NMW’s Newest Partner – Biodiversity Bhutan

Eucyclodes gavissima
Eucyclodes gavissima

We’re pleased to introduce NMW’s newest international partner: Biodiversity Bhutan. Follow the link to visit (and like!) their facebook page.

Callambulyx poecilus

BioDiversity Bhutan (established 2012), is a Citizen Science project initiated by the Department of Science at Mendrelgang Middle Secondary School in Tsirang, Bhutan under the supervision of Mr. Irungbam Jatishwor Singh. The Biodiversity Bhutan project aims to:

Actias parasinensis
Actias parasinensis

1. Educate students about butterflies and moths.

2. Understand the behavior and ecology of butterflies and moths.

3. Educate students about the importance of Lepidoptera and the relationship of butterflies and moths with our surrounding environment.

4. Document the local diversity of butterflies and moths.

Callambulyx poecilus
Chrysocraspeda sp.

Through this Citizen Science Project so far, 120 butterflies and 220 moth species were recorded from Mendrelgang comprising few interesting spotting of butterflies namely, Apatura sordidaElymnias malelas, Acraea issoriaAthyma ranga ranga, Catapacilma majorHeliophorus brahma. Moths seen by the group include Actias parasinensis (pictured at left), Saturnia cidosaPergesa acteusCallambulyx poecilus (pictured at left), Lyssa zampaEucyclodes gavissima (pictured at left), Iotaphora iridicolor,  Argina argus.


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