Meet NMW’s Newest Partner – The Nizhny Novgorod Branch of the Russian Entomological Society

NMW has become a truly global event, and we’re welcoming new international partners weekly. This week we’re proud to introduce our newest partner: the Moth Study Group of the Nizhny Novgorod Branch of the Russian Entomological Society.

fig 1 (1)
Preparation for night trapping in Nizhny Novgorod Province (L to R): Dmitry Pozhogin, Stanislav Korb, Alexander Zatakovoy.

The group has 4 members:

Stanislav Korb: A long-time butterfly collector, Stan has participated in many collecting trips in the ex-USSR, the Ural mountains, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Kirghizstan. He has over 100 published papers about butterflies and about 10 papers about moths and micromoths.

Dmitry Pozhogin: A long-time moth collector, Dmitry has participated in collecting trips in Vietnam, Kambodia, Tunisia, Ceylon, and of course many parts of the ex-USSR. Dmitry has one butterfly subspecies named after him.

Alexander Zatakovoy: A long-time moth collector, Alexander has participated in collecting trips in many parts of Russia: Atlai, Polar Urals, Caucasus etc.

Andrey Shaposhnikov: A long-time moth collector, Andrey has participated in collecting trips in many countries of the ex-USSR, including Kirghizstan, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan. He has one blue butterfly subspecies and one Parnassius species named after him.

fig 2
Participants of 2009 Kirghizstan expedition, Dolon Pass in Inner Tian-Shan (L to R): Dmitry Pozhogin, Natalia Storozhenko, Stanislav Korb, Andrey Shaposhnikov.
fig 3
Participants of 2010 South Kazakhstan expedition, Boro-Khoro Mountains near Sary-Bel (L to R): Petr Egorov, Dmitry Pozhogin, Stanislav Korb, Denis Potanin, Anna Potanina, Andrey Shaposhnikov, Aleksey Tsilin.

Over the last 4 years the group has run 7 moth study expeditions to

  • Kirghizstan – June & July 2009
  • South Russia (Astrakhan, Saratov & Volgograd Provinces) – April & May 2010
  • South Kazakhstan – June & July 2010, April & May 2011
  • Tajikistan – June & July 2011, July 2012
  • Turkey – June 2012

On these expeditions they’ve encountered many interesting moths and have published their findings in  Entomologist’s Gazette, Atalanta, and Eversmannia. If you can read Russian, you can check out the Eversmannia paper here.

The group is currently preparing a paper about Noctuidae moths of the Nizhny Novgorod Province and about Noctuidae moths of South Kazakhstan.

fig 4
Participants of 2011 South Kazakhstan expedition, somewhere in South Kazakhstaniad deserts between Charyn and Ili rivers (L to R): The group malacologist , Petr Egorov, Sergey Titov, Bogdaulet Taranov, Rustem Kadyrbekov, Svyatoslav Knyazev, our driver, Stanislav Korb

This year, the group plans to return to  Middle Asia to collect some more material.  They’re hoping to discover some new and interesting moths.

Message from our new partners: “Good luck to everybody, and especially to people who are interested in moths: our Planet is still unexplored, guys, and we will for sure find something very interesting :)”

Collecting micromoths in Saratov Province in 2010 by Stanislav Korb

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