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NMW event – Marcie O’connor, Buffalo County, Wisconsin

Marcie O’Connor often writes about moths on her blog – A Prairie Haven.  Marcie was one of the very first participants to register a NMW event. In a recent blog post she said:”I normally put up my lights to attract … Continue reading

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Guest post, Ken Philip – NMW In Alaska & First Fairbanks record for Drepana arcuata

We had our NMW event, in the Bonanza Creek ExperimentalForest, which is a few miles west of Fairbanks. The collecting site was in the floodplain of the Tanana River, at the base of a bluff covered with a relict steppe … Continue reading

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Marcie O’Connor’s set-up and more

Marcie O’Connor is a moth’er in western Wisconsin.  Marcie lives on an old farm that she and her husband are trying to “unfarm” and bring back the prairies and savannas that were here before it was farmed.  On her website/blog … Continue reading

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Light mothing (as in MV, UV & incandescent)

Bruce Walsh, at the Department of Ecology and Evolution Biology and the Center for Insect Science of the University of Arizona, compiled a list of websites and protocols of mothing techniques. Lights, tips and how to spread and preserve specimens. … Continue reading

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How To Attract An Entomologist

Step 1. Locate a suitable patch of forest, field, or desert. Step 2. Wait for a warm, moonless summer night. Step 3. Using a long extension cord, plug in a blacklight. Or even better, a mercury-vapor lamp. Step 4. Sit … Continue reading

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Meet our partners – Seabrooke Leckie

Seabrooke Leckie is a freelance biologist and writer living in rural eastern Ontario. She holds a B.Sc.H. in Zoology and has worked on field research contracts in many parts of the continent, from California to Québec, British Columbia to Ohio, … Continue reading

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Jennifer’s new mercury vapor lamp setup

This is my new mercury vapor lamp setup, or as I like to call it, my “non-trapping light trap.” Hopefully no bugs will be harmed in the taking of my photos this spring and summer. Jennifer Forman Orth (Massachusetts)

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More Mothing Setups

Here is my setup in my backyard. The sheet is in the rear of the photo.I use a Bioquip 175W Mercury Vapor Light and a ballast I bought through an ad in the News of the Lepidopterist’s Society and run … Continue reading

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