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Citizen Science, Project Noah and NMW

Guest Blogger: Karen Loughrey Richard, Community Director, Project Noah Project Noah is a community of over 200,000 nature-lovers worldwide. Launched in early 2010, it all started off as an experiment to see if we could build a fun, location-based mobile application to encourage people to reconnect with nature and document local wildlife. We wanted to …

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Interesting Blog – Colorado Firemoths

Here’s a cool blog post about Schinia masoni, the Colorado firemoth. The post describes the ecology of the firemoth and it’s relationship with blanketflower, Gaillardia aristata. Blanketflower serves at the moths’ larval host plant and as a nectar resource for adult firemoths. Blanketflower is a fire dependent species.  The seeds of the plant wait in the soil until a …

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Hawkmoths Deter Bats with Sonic Blasts

Entomologists have known for awhile that tiger moths emit sonic clicks to interfere with bats’ sonar and avoid predation. Hawkmoths can do it too, it turns out! Jesse Barber, a behavioral ecologist with Boise State University and phylogeneticist Akito Kawahara of the University of Florida in Gainesville recently experimented with hawkmoths in Borneo. They captured …

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