Warren Krupsaw’s Mothography

Today we’re sharing with you some beautiful moth photography by Warren Krupsaw.

Says Krupsaw:

“With more than a half-century experience as a serious nature photographer (landscape & detail), I’ve always had an interest in insects as well as other animals and so they have been a part of my photographic fodder.

 It has been my experience that most photography of Lepidoptera (Moths and Butterflies) is for purposes of identification.  So obviously it is the wing shape and coloration that are of primary importance.

 My idea, upon discovering that my newly acquired (several years ago) digital camera could be operated by one hand and auto-focus on my other hand’s fingertip, was to use that fingertip as a setting and scale (size) reference.

 Experimenting with local moths, it soon became apparent that not only were there great wing pattern variations, but their visages also were distinctive and fascinating and so my adventure of “getting up close and personal” began.”

Below are just a few of Krupsaw’s beautiful photos, you can check out more in this article on the Photo Argus and at Warren’s gallery:

Luna moth by W. Krupsaw
Luna moth- Actias luna by W. Krupsaw
Spilosoma dubia by W. Krupsaw
 “Fluffy” – Spilosoma dubia by W. Krupsaw

3 thoughts on “Warren Krupsaw’s Mothography”

  1. Who knew moths could be so beautiful! Warren, thank you for bringing to our attention all the little beautiful creatures that are around us that we would not otherwise notice.

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