National Moth Week Events NMW Event Re-Cap: Turner, ME

NMW Event Re-Cap: Turner, ME

Allison Kenney wrote this blog post about her experiences mothing in Turner, ME.

“…Sadly, I was unable to attract any in South Portland. I’m pretty sure the only attention I attracted was from the neighbors wondering why there was a sheet attached to the deck with a flashlight pointed towards it. I shut off every light in the apartment so as not to confuse the insects and wouldn’t let the boyfriend into the kitchen. I checked my sheet setup every fifteen minutes. I was disappointed, to say the least, when not one visitor flew into my freshly washed sheets. The city lights just are not conducive to moth life. The very next night the boyfriend and I were headed to my parent’s house in Turner where the moths run rampant. Once in Turner, all I had to do was walk through the grass…” Read more… 

A collage of some of the gorgeous moths Ms. Kenney encountered. Photo (c) Allison Kenney

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