David Beadle on NMW

Check out David Beadle’s National Moth Week post on his blog, Adventures in Mothland.

David is the author of the Peterson Field Guide to Moths of Northeastern North America (along with Seabrooke Leckie) and a member of our Science Advisory Board.

His post features some great photography as well.

The exquisite Green-patched Looper (c) David Beadle

“National Moth Week is a great idea. It gives absolutely anyone with an interest in moths a chance to make a contribution to our understanding of the status of the moths around us. Now in its second year it seems certain to become an annual fixture that will flourish. I decided use one of my nights at a friend’s cottage at Dickey Lake, Ontario as my National Moth Week entry. I had hoped to get down to the South Walsingham area near Long Point, but it just wasn’t possible in the end. My chosen night was a bit before the actual NMW, but it was either this or my Toronto backyard trap – no competition! Not to say that my faithful backyard trap doesn’t throw up a few surprises, just the numbers are usually rather pitiful. The night in question was remarkably warm as we were in the grip of an energy-sapping heat wave and moths were everywhere. The variety was quite good and we recorded about 130 species, but there were fewer micros than hoped-for with pyralids being particularly low key.” Read more…

A Black Zigzag living up to expectation! (c) David Beadle


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