Why do we sponsor National Moth Week?

We love nature. We love life. We wish for things to be always good, for positive relationships of all kinds, whether globally or at home, between people and with the environment, everywhere, always. Utopia. Not being naïve’, just wishing for good.

Such a ubiquitous project as National Moth Week is a positive global common denominator of humanity that cannot be taken for granted. From an initiative in central NJ that catered to nature exploration revealing the beauty residing literally in our backyards, to a global phenomenon that draws kids and adults alike to such an enriching, boundary-crossing and fun activity!

Through hard work of volunteers, citizen scientists all over the world, of all ages, are now participating and contributing to this wonderful collaboration, and becoming educated about science, the importance and love of nature and global get-togethers, by focusing on organisms that although are in abundance everywhere and in beautiful forms, were mostly unknown and neglected.
IWB National Moth Week
So why do we sponsor National Moth Week? We Love it!

The team.

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