NMW events in Elyria Canyon Park, Los Angeles CA

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Black witch (What’s That Bug)

From the article:

“The second annual Moth Night is slated for Saturday, July 27 on the southwestern slopes at Elyria Canyon Park in Mount Washington. The nighttime program (the park is usually closed in the evenings) is presented by Mount Washington Homeowners Alliance, in cooperation with the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy  and the Mountains Recreation & Conservancy Authority.

Attendees will discover which moths will be drawn to the black and mercury vapor lights that will be illuminating stretched-out sheets for easy observation. Will the 6-inch bat-like black witch moth be seen? How about the striking Walnut Underwing? Maybe the tobacco sphinx, the furious flyer that is often confused for a bird, will be come in for a brief landing?

Kids are encouraged to join the fun and bring small bug catchers to capture, identify and then release moths — and other insects that probably will be drawn to the lights.

On hand to help with identification will be lepidopterist Julian Donahue (who ran a NMW event last year) and Daniel Marlos, aka the “Bugman,” of the popular “What’s That Bug?” website and author of The “Curious World of Bugs: The Bugman’s Guide to the Mysterious and Remarkable Lives of Things That Crawl.”

A resident of Mount Washington, Marlos is a full-time instructor of photography at Los Angeles Community College in their media arts department, which he chairs,  and occasional part time teacher at Art Center College of Design. But he has been leading a double life as the world-famous Bugman for more than a decade.”


White-lined sphinx (What’s That Bug)


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