NMW Postal Cancellation and Kickoff Event at East Brunswick Butterfly Park

Our East Brunswick kickoff event for NMW 2013 will be Saturday July 20th at the East Brunswick Butterfly Park (corner of Rues Lane and Winton Road). To celebrate, we, along with the post office, created an official National Moth Week stamp cancelation. A temporary U.S. Postal station will be set up in the Butterfly Park, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. We’ll also  have moth-related events: a caterpillar walk, moth displays and later in the evening, black-lighting.

Area residents can  bring stamped envelopes to be cancelled with the commemorative cancellation. The East Brunswick Post Office will continue to offer the special cancellation for 30 days for collectors who send stamped envelopes to the facility at 614 Cranbury Road, East Brunswick, NJ, 08816. Envelopes sent to the post office to be cancelled must be stamped with first-class U.S. postage and bear a complete address so they can be mailed to the sender or another recipient. Cancelled envelopes cannot be sent in a self-addressed, stamped envelope, according to USPS policy. Stamps issued by foreign countries are not eligible for this cancellation.

You can get more info on the event here.


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