Cristóbal Ríos-Málaver’s NMW events in Venezuela

Cristo with an Ascalapha sp. moth (photo by C. Rios-Malaver)
Cristo with an Ascalapha sp. moth (photo by C. Rios-Malaver)

Do you guys remember Cristóbal Ríos-Málaver’s Venezuela NMW events from 2012? Well Cristo is back this year to participate in NMW. In fact he’s been running moth nights  – Noches de Pollillas as monthly events since last year’s NMW!

He holds his events at a cloud forest that is part of the Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research IVIC, in the Cordillera de la Costa, 11 km from Caracas.

At the moth nights, Cristo and friends keep an inventory of species of moths and nocturnal insects that live in the cloud forest of IVIC. They also use their moth nights as an opportunity to share and teach colleagues at the Ecology Center about the ecological importance, and biodiversity of species of moths in the Neotropical montane regions.

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