NMW events at Bonanza Creek Experimental Forest, Fairbanks, AK

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Join Ken Philips at the Bonanza Creek Experimental Forest for his NMW events in Alaska.

Bonanza Creek Experimental Forest is part of a long term ecological research program designed to study and monitor ecosystem structure and function and successional processes in taiga forests of interior Alaska. It is located approximately 20 km southwest of Fairbanks, Alaska, and was established in 1963. You can read about the projects happening at the forest on their website.

Ken wrote a really cool guest post for us after his 2012 NMW event during which he captured the first record of Drepana arcuata in Fairbanks!

Arched hooktip, Drepana arcuata (Photo by Michael Hodge via Wikipedia)
Arched hooktip, Drepana arcuata (Photo by Michael Hodge via Wikipedia)


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