Meet NMW supporter Teá Kesting-Handly

New NMW supporter Tea Kesting-Handly

NMW’s newest supporter is Teá Kesting-Handly. Teá runs a butterfly identification website and rearing blog highlighting the life cycles of some butterflies and moths.

Attacus atlas

Teá has been studying butterflies and moths for about 6 years and has published a paper in Invertebrates Magazine on the genetics of Monarch butterflies. She’s been doing a moth research project with the National Park Service on the Cape Cod National Seashore, monitoring species of Saturniid and Sphingid moths for population decline and preventative measures. Teá’s work specializes in keeping Saturniid moth populations stable and working on rehabilitation projects for populations in decline.

Automeris io photo by Tea Kesting-Handly

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