New NMW Partner iNaturalist & Assorted Odds and Ends

iNaturalistNMW’s newest partner is iNaturalist, a website where you can record your nature observations, meet other nature lovers, and learn about the natural world. iNaturalist has set up a dedicated NMW data submission page for you to submit data you collect during your NMW events. We’re excited to have iNaturalist on board!

Our official participation stats for 2013 NMW so far: 19 countries // 28 states. Keep those event registrations coming, you guys!

On a more serious note, (see this blog post) we’ve been trying to get congressional recognition to officially declare the last week of July National Moth Week for real. We’ve been working with Senator Menendez‘s awesome staff for months now and they’ve proposed a resolution making the last week in July National Moth Week.

In order to get the Senate resolution out of committee, it requires a Republican co-sponsor. If you live in the USA and your Republican senator sits on the Judiciary committee, reach out and ask them to join Senator Menendez as a co-sponsor.

Last, here’s a little mid-day break for you: a short video of one of last summer’s East Brunswick moth nights set to Nachtfalter (Moths) Op. 157 by Johann Strauss II. 


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