UK Moth Extinctions

We’ve blogged before about moth declines and here’s some more evidence from the UK indicating that moths need conservation attention.

A Scientific American blog post recently reported extinctions of 3 moth species and declines for many others in the UK.

The three extinct species are the orange upperwing (Jodia croceago), the bordered gothic (Heliophobus reticulata) and the Brighton wainscot (Oria musculosa). The stout dart (Spaelotis ravida) is also suspected to be extinct. According to the blog, all four of these species have been in decline for years.

In fact, scientists believe that 62 species of moth have gone extinct in the UK in the 20th century.

Bordered gothic (c) F. Skibbe via

Bordered gothic (c) F. Skibbe via

Brighton wainscot (c) D. Green via

Brighton wainscot (c) D. Green via

The orange upperwing (c) A. Spalding via

Orange upperwing (c) A. Spalding via



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  1. I found a moth on a wall outside my back door and have been trying to identify it. It was similar to a Haworth’s Minor but not quite the same. Today I looked on this site and there it was, the bordered gothic, thought to be extinct. I have photos of it if I can send them to someone for confirmation. Thank you.

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