National Moth Week Uncategorized NMW Results – Lake Placid, NY

NMW Results – Lake Placid, NY

Here is a guest post from Linda LaPan:

Our first ever Lake Placid, NY, Essex Co., Intervale Lowlands Farm moth event was a great success, 7/27/12. Dale F. Schweitzer came and stayed w/Larry Master, who owns the farm. He was wonderful with people and we had a blast and learned so much from him.

Roughly 30 people, 8-10 kids. We had 2 boys from Canada that were so afraid of the
moths until a Smerinthus jamiaicensis landed on my sweatshirt. It was shivering as it got cool quick! They saw I wasn’t afraid and then they started taking pictures of the moths and followed us all around the bait lines and light set ups. Larry has a great camera and instantly showed the kids, adults beautiful photos of the moths. Everyone had a blast..even though it was 57° by 1 am. Larry and Dale are working on some ID’s but feel we had a good 50 species.

Here are photos from the event:

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