National Moth Week Events,Mothing NMW Event – Gene Hardy in Arkansas

NMW Event – Gene Hardy in Arkansas

Gene Hardy is hosting a National Moth Week event in Arkansas. Here’s what he has to say about mothing in Arkansas:

“In Arkansas, no trap is necessary – just a porch light! Still, I’m planning to make a trap to celebrate Moth Week. Just a box, with some egg cartons and a light; nothing fancy. The variety here is impressive, thanks to the warm weather I guess. It’s a jungle, a bug paradise! The cicadas are deafening, the hymenoptera threatening, and the sialia fat and almost sassy. Our moths can mimic anything, and are occasionally enormous.

Hypercompe scribonia – Giant leopard moth (Photo by G. Hardy)

Feel free to find me on Google Plus (Gene Hardy – for a Moth of the day pic.”

Eudryas grata – Beautiful wood nymph (Photo by G. Hardy)

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