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Project NoahWe are very excited to be playing a big part in the first ever Moth Week. We started Project Noah with a deep desire to celebrate our planet’s biodiversity and encourage more people to reconnect with the natural world. If more of us would only stop to look, we’d realize nature is thriving right under our noses. There is amazing wildlife to be found everywhere, if we are willing to seek it out, and moths are the perfect example of this. Coming in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, moths are incredibly diverse and fascinating, but most people think of them as drab-colored wardrobe destroyers. How can we change this misconception and at the same time get more people outside exploring nature? Moth Week and other similar events, I believe, are the answer. Allowing experts and amateurs to connect in fun and engaging events encourages people to get outside, helps amateurs build a dialog with experts, and fosters curiosity that could turn into a deep passion and obsession over time. It all starts, however, with a positive first experience. Today, Project Noah has matured into a global community where experts and amateurs are connecting every minute of every day. We are becoming the go-to place for newcomers and amateurs to start their journey toward unlocking Mother Nature’s myriad mysteries. As thousands of participants share their nature experiences with us, we are helping our community learn more about the species they have encountered while also collecting valuable data for researchers across the globe. We make sure the experience is fun and the community is friendly because we believe that a passing encounter with a moth could turn into a lifelong passion for the natural world. We have designed our software to be a digital butterfly net for a new generation that lives on the web and carries around smart devices everywhere they go and we are harnessing the full power of our community and platform to promote Moth Week and catalog the awesome moth encounters we will be seeing during the week. Over many many Moth Weeks to come, we hope to mobilize a new generation of moth lovers and build an expansive database to showcase the true beauty and diversity of moths around the world. We look forward to seeing your contributions during Moth Week and during the weeks that follow.

Best regards,
Yasser Ansari

Chief Leaf, Project Noah

2 thoughts on “NMW guest post – Project Noah”

  1. Claire Herzog

    Just wondering if spottings on Project Noah will be connected/ sent to BAMONA? or should we post to both sites?

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