National Moth Week Events,Mothing Jim Wright in Allendale, NJ

Jim Wright in Allendale, NJ

The John Fell House (photo by J. Wright)

Jim Wright is hosting a NMW event in Allendale, NJ, at the historic Fell House on Thursday, July 26. Jim’s set up consists of two CFL blacklights and a fluorescent light to attract moths and other insects. The event is sponsored by the Fyke Nature Association and the Concerned Citizens of Allendale. The Fyke Nature Association is a volunteer group that maintains the 107-acre Celery Farm Natural Area. The Concerned Citizens of Allendale is a grassroots group that saved the home of Founding Father John Fell. Both groups are proud to be part of National Moth Week.

More information on the Fell House event is on

Light set up (photo by J. Wright)

Ash sphinx – Manduca jasminearum (photo by J. Wright)

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