Moth Spotlight: The Indian Meal Moth

I’m assuming that most of the people that have registered events so far are planning on setting up a MV light and sheet at their local park or watching their front porch light. But, has anyone thought about setting up a light in their kitchen during NMW? If you are bold enough to attract the insects inside your house, you may encounter the Indian Meal Moth.

Click on the picture above to read a great article that our own David Moskowitz wrote about the Indian Meal Moth for Wild New Jersey. Photo credit: David Moskowitz

 This moth, also know as the “Pantry Moth” or “Flour moth,” is a very common pest of cereal, breads, pastas, and rice. Its name originates from its frequent infestations of cornmeal stores during the 19th century (then called “Indian meal”).

The Indian Meal Moth can be identified by the pattern on its forewings: copper or dark brown on the outer half and yellow-gray on the inner half, separated by a darkened band. The larvae have off-white colored bodies and brown heads.

Many people contribute to the negative stigma of moths by harping on the pests of the group. Rather than think of this moth as a pest, I think of it as a friend with common interests: coffee, cereal, pasta, and …especially coffee.

Although, it may be the type of friend that overstays their welcome and eats all your food…

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