New NMW Milestone!

National (Global) Moth Week has reached a new milestone: All U.S. States east of the Mississippi River have at least 1 event registered for the last week in July!

With 44 U.S. States on board, 2 Canadian Provinces, and 14 countries, National Moth Week has definitely out-grown its name!

Check out this map to see all the new states that have recently registered events!
Also, spend some time on the Moth Week Events page; there are now over 150 events planned! Zoom in on your area to see what events might be nearby. Click on a marker to learn more about the event.

Is there an empty space on the map in your area? You can always register your own event. Remember, an event can be any scale from you and your family at your porch light, to an organized group, to a survey as part of a university project, etc.

Know anyone from one of our missing 6 states? Contact them and encourage them to participate!

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