NMW events – Hawaii, July 22, at the front yard of Sam Ohu Gon III

Manduca blackburn / Bill Mull

Sam Ohu Gon III is participating in National Moth Week in Hawaii. He is a member of the Hawaiian Entomological Society and an At-Large member of the State of Hawaii Board of Land & Natural Resources. Founded in 1905, the Hawaiian Entomological Society is the oldest entomological society in the Pacific. It was first convened on January 26, 1905 in the Board Room of what was then known as the Bureau of Agriculture and Forestry (and is now known as the Departments of Agriculture and the Department of Land and Natural Resources).

Eupithecia orichloris

Today the Hawaiian Entomological Society is based out of the University of Hawaii at Mānoa in the Department of Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences. In addition to publishing the Proceedings of the Hawaiian Entomological Society, the Hawaiian Entomological Society organizes an annual Insect Count in Volcano, HI, and the Pacific Entomology Conference (PEC). Sam shared these photos of some Hawaiian leps “a fabulous green sphinx image by Mandy Heddle, a black witch moth on a pair of ti-leaf sandals, an adult of Eupithecia orichloris (green grappler, carnivorous caterpillar) and finally Manduca blackburni, the endangered Blackburn’s sphinx.”

Fabulous green sphinx moth / Mandy Heddle
Aumakua on slipper

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