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I couldn’t decide how to start this blog post, so I turned to Google for help.  I started by asking “what is a blog”, and this is what Google informed me:  “A blog is a Web site containing the writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links.” (  Moths, said Google, are “chiefly nocturnal insects related to the butterflies” (Google) and moth’ers, as we know, are those who are fascinated by moths.  Therefore, a blog can serve as an online platform for moth’ers to share their moth observations and knowledge. The list below is of mothing blogs published by bloggers associated with National Moth Week.  Some are about moths only and local, other cover more topics and larger geographical areas, most contain images, links and comments.  All are worthwhile reading (this is my opinion expressed on my blog post 🙂 ).

Dave Moskowitz, co-founder of National Moth Week, writes the ‘New Jersey  Moths’   blog for  Wild NJ,  a website dedicated to wildlife in NJ, and a partner of National Moth Week.  Dave writes about different moths that he finds, his adventures while mothing, his favorite mothing and nature books and more.

Todd Dreyer, National Moth Week team member, is working on cataloging the moths of Middlesex County, NJ.  The blog  is ‘Mercury Vapor, Moths & Me’  where you can see Todd’s  stunning photographs.

Seabrooke Leckie is a biologist and naturalist, writer and photographer, but most of all a lover of nature. She is the co-author, with David Beadle, of the new Peterson Field Guide to Moths of Northeastern North America and a sponsor of National Moth Week.  In her blog,  ‘The marvelous in nature’ Seabrooke’s writes about moths and other natural marvelous.

John BeethamJohn Beetham writes in his blog  ‘A DC birding blog’  about birds, insects and everything nature, including moths.  John is a supporter of National Moth Week.



Bug Girl
Bug Girl

Bug_Girl (we are pretty sure it’s her real name) has a PhD in Entomology; she is a designer, web mistress, and forensic consultant. In her blog she writes about everything bugs, which includes moths, of course.  She is a supporter of National Moth Week.




The Skeptical Moth

Chris Grinter is an entomologist at the California Academy Sciences.  His blog Skeptical Moth, offers a glimpse into this amazing insect diversity while exploring various aspects of critical thinking and science education. Chris is also a supporter of National Moth Week.


Bug EricEric R. Eaton, A.K.A. Bug Eric, is a professional, self-employed writer and entomologist, principal author of the Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America.  He is a supporter of National Moth Week.


These are the mothing blogs that I know of. If you write, or know of other moths and mothing  blogs, please write to me with the web address.    Thanks. Liti


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